Grabbity's Brainflow

FIRST: Thanks for the advice and such on the layout tweaks and suchlike! I’m glad I didn’t break it too much! So, hooray for that!

ALSO: Starting next week (I know, it seems to keep getting shoved back a week, just because Ben and I have both been pretty crazy busy) — the Kittysneezes Book Club. Or something stupid like that.

BASICALLY: Ben & I are going to read Gravity’s Rainbow, for reals this time, alla the way through. And to make sure we’re gonna DO IT (which is sad/weird that we NEED to because even though both of us have stalled out in the past — I think Ben a few times, starting from high school — we both really are INTO it, it’s just a bit of comprehension overload or something weird like that) — we’re doing it as an assignment.

MAINLY: Every week, Ben & I are going to post our thoughts on GR, 50 pages at a time. Sorta like the Cereblog, only with less crazy.

SO: Given that we’re starting next week — and I’m thinking this might take the slot of the Thursday article for me (and probably Thurs/Fri for Ben?), if anyone wants to follow along, you gots a while to get a copy. THIS is the edition I’ve got — and I’m pretty sure this is the same one I saw when I was over at Ben’s apartment last afternoon for Race For The Galaxy. So, yeah — check it out!

FINALLY: Not required, but if you also want in on the WRITING part of this, just let me know. No problems there. I’d be more than happy to have you — more the merrier and all that jazz. Else, you can just follow along and comment and whatnot. Or, um, ignore everything. Either way.