Angora Lake - California Northern Sierra Nevad...
Angora Lake – California Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


She was dashing between the awnings, pausing under the brightly-colored plastic, flapping madly in the wind, for protection from the sudden downpour. The heavy, foreboding slate-gray clouds had rolled in out of nowhere, and Main Street was packed with unknowing passersby, their heads ducked uselessly against the onslaught, the collars of their soaked jackets pulled upward, rushing to the warmth of home. The clattering thunder rattled her teeth as she made another sprint, her pocketbook clutched firmly against her chest. Forks of lightning, chiseled and sharpened by some scowling ancient god, split the sky into jigsaw puzzle pieces.


She ran headlong into the lake, in spite of the chill it held even in the middle of August from being situated high in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The water was light blue and clear, filled with tiny flecks of gold that had not been extracted by eager miners a century and a half ago. She ducked her head under, not scared of doing so like she was in the ocean, while her mother watched from the warm safety of the shore. The pine trees hemmed the lake in, a barrier between its purity and the casinos and whorehouses beyond.


He was working a paper route. But it certainly was not very fun, riding his bike around the neighborhood and hurling newspapers at porches when his friends were out playing baseball or going to the movies. So one day he turned his bike off the route, towards the river. He sat cross-legged on the bank and began folding the papers into little ships, setting them down in the water and letting the current sweep them away. Soon there was an entire flotilla sailing along, the sports headlines and comics off on an adventure much better than being read over breakfast.

Doggie Paddle

The chocolate Lab bounded towards the pond with all the enthusiasm of the young and the foolish, launching himself in with a colossal splash that sent droplets of water flying onto the muddy banks. He began paddling happily towards the middle of the pond, his paws naturally chopping into the water. A small squadron of ducks paddled out of his way, quacking good-naturedly. Suddenly the Lab spotted a floating tennis ball that had just been launched into the water by his owner. He swam much faster, grabbing it excitedly and heading back towards land to deposit it at her feet.