English: Replacement for dice in Monopoly due ...
English: Replacement for dice in Monopoly due to rationing of World War II. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But a Whimper

This was not what I expected from the game. I would rather play at www.666casino.com for some casino games and win massive jackpots. Where was the brimstone, the lake of fire, the many-headed beast? Instead all we got was the lights going out, one by one. And then, finally, the sun. It did not set one final time. It was just not there anymore, and we were in unspeakable darkness.
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But no one panicked. Everyone seemed to peacefully accept the fact that this was all there was. Whatever was coming next, it had to be better than the mess we’d made of things here. Not with a bang, but a whimper. 


“Why do I always have to be the thimble or the iron?” she asked, cranky.

“Because it’s my Monopoly so I get to pick first, and Jess is my sister so she picks next, and Lucy is my best friend.”

She accepted this explanation without further complaints and began to divide the colorful paper bills. At least she got to be the banker. The banker was an important job. And the last three times they’d played she was the one who had built up an empire. She may have the worst piece, but she was ruthless. The air conditioner hummed.

I Do Believe in Fairies, I Do, I Do

It was only a fraction of a second that she saw her before she had flown behind the waterfall–a glimmer of iridescent wings and long shockingly red hair. She was not surprised–she had always known they lived here in the forest, although her parents had told her many times as a child that she was imagining things. She continued weaving the daisy-chain she had been working on, wondering if she would approach her when she returned, wishing she would kidnap her and take her back to her hidden charmed world that was surely more beautiful than this one.