Doug Funnie Is Crazy

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Doug is probably the most forgotten of the original set of Nicktoons.  It was created by Jim Jenkins, and was kind of quiet and unassuming, with a bit of weirdness thrown in — an obsession with beets and quails, f’rinstance.  Anyway, someone on Tumblr, identifying as Porkchop (Doug’s dog, if you don’t remember), is going through all the episodes — I’m not sure if it’ll just be the Nick ones or the later ones done for Disney, too — for a blog titled, simply, Doug Funnie Is Crazy.  Porkchop shows not only Doug Funnie’s psychosis (persecution complex, depression, hallucinations, etc.) but the potential roots of his problems (terrible parents and authority figures, mostly).  Given that each episode is a journal entry, we’re seeing the world from Doug’s point of view — which may involve him making things up out of whole cloth sometimes. 


Anyway, it’s an amusing blog and tends to bring back memories of watching a television show; obviously, the best kind of memories.


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