Der Hund von Baskerville
Der Hund von Baskerville (Photo credit: Björn Hagemann)

What’s better than Black Sabbath?  How about a couple of Germans doing a note-for-note cover in that language with wholly new lyrics?  Presumably about the Sherlock Holmes story?  And with an actual Hund von Baskerville on stage with them? (It appears to be a Pekingnese; I don’t think that actually counts as a hound, but, hey, I’m not a dog show judge.)  This is from the show Hits-A-Go-Go.

It’s OK with me that they changed the lyrics.  “Paranoid” isn’t about paranoia, and either is (presumably) this.  So that’s something in common!  That said, I think Ozzy’s cooler than Cindy.  He’s certainly more animated — but she does look less like the spectre of death.

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