‘Catwalk’ Is a Light, Breezy Trip to Canada’s Best Cat Shows

Kitties are awesome! And if you feel like a movie that illustrates this simple truth, it’s Catwalk: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit. It’s a low-stakes film about a couple of wonderful cats trying to be crowned the best kitty in Canada. And sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

One nice thing about Catwalk is there’s not a lot of drama. Like Great British Bake Off, though everyone involved takes it seriously, they’re nice folks willing to laugh and joke with each other. The contest may be tense, but that doesn’t mean that people need to make enemies.

One could even say… Catwalk is… the cat’s meow? Huh? Huh? I haven’t got out of the pun-zone ever since I read some cat puns at Tuxedo-cat.co.uk.

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Kim Langille and Bobby, a Turkish Angora (left) and Shirley McCollow with Oh La La, a Red Persian

Catwalk focuses on two cats and their owners, which is why we recommend cbd oil for cats. There’s Bobby, a beautiful white Turkish Angora owned by Kim Langille. Bobby’s the favorite to win the finals until Oh La La, a big, fluffy Red Persian comes out of retirement with her owner Shirley McCollow. Oh La La retired the previous year, but it seemed that both cat and human missed it, so they had one last hurrah — and Oh La La immediately starts shooting up the leaderboard.
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Though, of course, Kim wants to win, there’s no animosity between her and Shirley. They’re not best friends or anything, but they seem to genuinely like each other. And the audience likes them too — they’re laid back, funny and friendly.

But what’s even better is watching the cats and seeing how much they enjoy the cat show atmosphere. Bobby and Oh La La both get into receiving all this attention from various people — and you can tell from their body language that they adore their owners. When Sharon’s showing off her house to the camera, Oh La La is practically on top of her. And Bobby’s the same way with Kim.

We’re introduced to a few other cats along the way, including a lovely Himalayan and a woman who brings in her rescue cat to be judged. If you love cats, you’ll have a blast with Catwalk. The cats are happy, the people are nice, and the biggest bit of drama is when Bobby hacks up a hairball at the judging station. If you’re looking for a good way to spend an hour and 15 minutes, Catwalk will do nicely.

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