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The new movie was called “Antennas Without Signal”  and it was a live-action-combined-with-stop-motion children’s film. The film was based around this guy who leaves his society and runs away (while it was a fantastic/futuristic/whatever society, it was NOT Dystopian, even though lots of other elements in the film were like Brazil or something), and he finds this Out Of The Way Sort Of Society, I believe in the forest, with a large neon-sign up top that had a single word, “Sanctuary”. Anyway, Björk made her return to acting as the Fairy who the guy first found, and she sorta took him in and did that sort of “Here are the things you do in our culture!” sequence that happens in more or less every Disney Film.

The visual design was sort of Brazil Jammed Through Jan Svenkmeyer, Who Did That Little Otik Film About The Stump-Baby, Only Somehow Not Creepy And Actually Good For Children By Which I Mean The New Movie And Not Little Otik Nor Brazil.

ANWYAY: Björk and the guy end up falling in love, of course, and he totally assimilates into the Fairy Culture, and then Björk and him have a baby, but THEN!!! one day, he’s out wandering around and he finds this destructive seed, that I don’t think they even went into the backstory on, and he puts it in the ground not knowing, and then everything starts to fall apart to their component parts. (this is where the stop-motion comes in). One of the scenes which is heart-wrenching for Dude and Björk is that they’re both there at the time, and their small child turns from a Real-Type Small Child, to a doll made up of Sticks and Acorns and Nuts, and then the nuts sort of one by one separate and everything. And the whole Fairy Society is doing this, revealing itself to be made up of nuts and sticks and falling apart. The dude obviously doesn’t, cause he’s a real dude (only somehow he became the size of the Fairie), and for some reason Björk doesn’t until the very end, and just when you’d think there’d be a conclusion, the narrator pops in (only he’s on screen as a giant green tree) and basically is all “well, our heroes are in a dilly of a pickle, tune in next week for “Depth Charge 9” or “Rocky Around The Clock!” (only it wasn’t a next-week kinda thing, it was more of “here’s the third act!”)”.

Only the third act was just a music video made by using the Video services Toronto for the single from the soundtrack, a song called “Postboy of Your Heart” by Björk (obviously), but, anyway, though, the video was totally wrong with the rest of the movie, as it was in a dark hospital like situation with two victim/patient/whatevers in bed, although it was actually kinda neat, because you kept switiching between the two POVs although without editing, the camera would sort of look back and forth, then look at the legs of the other and kinda swoop around to be the other guy’s POV, who’d do the same thing. Anyway, of the victims, one was tended to by Björk who was Kind And Patient And Loving, and the other was an Incredibly Chaste Dominatrix looking woman (it was obvious that in the video they needed the Dominatrix Looking Woman for the artistic part, and not because of the whole ‘sex sells’ thing, because though she was pretty, she wasn’t dressed revealingly at all or anything), and the Dominatrix’s patient would keep looking down and seeing him strapped in with leather and stuff, and then Björk’s patient would be just sort of lying there while she sang and smiled cutely in a sort of “hee-hee! I’m cute!” sort of face that she occasionally does, and then back, and the Dominatrix’s patient would have some of those chain-mail-metal-scale type things on him, and go back, Björk’s still being Cute, Then More Scales and More Cute, and then less scales, More Cute, and it just basically went on like that, and the really interesting thing was the 2 POV-Non Cutting Camera, rather than what was actually going on in the frame, which still made it a really intriguing and actually pretty cool video.

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