Trivia: Film director Lasse Hallström may be best known for films like Chocolat, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and The Cider House Rules, but he got his start making (pre-MTV) music videos for the Swedish group ABBA.

The “promo clips,” as they were called then, for songs like “Take A Chance On Me” and “The Name Of The Game are probably best remembered for their subsequent parodies:

Not The Nine O’Clock News (w/ Rowan Atkinson)
French & Saunders
Abba tribute act Bjorn Again, covering an Erasure song (because of Erasure’s EP of Abba songs… gayest turf war EVAR)
the movie Muriel’s Wedding

By comparison, Hallström’s clip for the song “Chiquitita” is pretty dull: the band are on a stage made to look like a snowy mountaintop, playing in front of a giant snowman. But it’s not completely without interest- just as the song is wrapping up, around 4:32, somebody’s toddler goes running out behind the band, then freezes. I can just imagine Hallestrom yelling, “DON’T MOVE!” because apparently, the band didn’t want to do a second take, and the mistake was left in the video.

And that is your useless Swedish 70’s pop trivia for the day.