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Review: Four Color Fear

Four Color FearFantagraphics is known as much for their work with new and innovative artists as for their archival projects — and for the high quality of both.  They recently got the EC Comics license and have been putting out artist-themed compilations like Corpse on the Injun! — but they’ve also put out books that wouldn’t have existed without EC… even though they have no EC content.  One of the best of these is Four Color Fear, a collection of horror comics from other publishers attempting to cash in on the popularity of Tales From The Crypt, The Vault of Horror, and The Crypt of Terror.  And while a lot of these may have been forgotten for a reason, there are still a few gems. Continue reading

Who Is Buñuel's Successor?

Michel Gondry

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Hey, I was thinkin’ a little while ago: Is there anyone who anyone thinks is a potential successor to Buñuel

My vote: Michel Gondry. Partly because I figure the next generation of surrealist filmmakers is going to come from the world of (good) music video[1], and also because Gondry’s got a definate surrealistic style, including the love and reliance on dreams for imagery, and strong themes that pop up through his work. And, most importantly, his sense of humor — he tends to prefer doing Funny Surreal, rather than Creepy Surreal[2], which is closer to Buñuel[3]. 

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The Hangover Lunch of the Gods

Cooking Lab: Chinese - Twice Cooked Pork Stir-Fry

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How many times has this happened to you? You go out in the middle of the work week, mostly because of a social obligation. Maybe your friend is performing, and it’s at a bar, and hell, you’re not going to a bar and not having at least something, right? So, you go to the bar, and you have a drink or two before your friend goes on, and you watch the show, and you stick around to socialize and have another drink or two and suddenly, it’s closing time and you have to get home because you need to get some sleep before getting up to go to work in five hours…

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Interview: Jason Little

Cover of "Shutterbug Follies: Graphic Nov...
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Jason Little is a great cartoonist and illustrator, who just finished his recent, long-form serialized graphic novel, Motel Art Improvement Service, a continuation of the Bee series, started with his similarly serialized book Shutterbug Follies. He’s also the creator of Jack’s Luck Runs Out, the first full-color comic to be awarded a grant from the Xeric Foundation. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, the novelist Myla Goldberg.

Having loved Jason’s comics since following Shutterbug Follies online, I was excited to talk to him about comics, cartoons and other things that start with the letter C.


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