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Forgotten Records: The Band Without The Face, Part 1: The Heads – No Talking, Just Head

album-no-talking-just-headIt’s a story older than Rock ‘n’ Roll itself. A band makes their bones around a charismatic frontman. Maybe he writes the songs. Maybe he just sings them. In either case, he’s the face of the group, the one the people come to see. Then, something happens. Maybe the frontman dies. Maybe there’s an argument over money. Maybe his own inflated ego causes him to start a potentially ill-fated solo career. Whatever happens, the band decides they don’t need their charismatic frontman any longer, and they’ll go on without him. Sometimes, this works. After Buddy Holly died, The Crickets went on with different frontmen for years. Joy Division lost the iconic Ian Curtis, and went on with a name change to become even more popular and successful as New Order. AC/DC had more success with replacement vocalist Brian Johnson than they did with Bon Scott. Yet, for every band that goes on with their new frontman and succeeds, many more fail. These are some of their stories.

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Interview: Tim Quirk and Jay Blumenfield of Wonderlick and Too Much Joy

wonderlick (Photo credit: lokeswari)

Tim Quirk and Jay Blumenfield were one half of Too Much Joy — or, rather, still are, as the band’s never officially broken up. However, while Too Much Joy lays dormant, they’ve formed a new band, Wonderlick. Wonderlick’s first album came out in 2002, and their second album, Topless At The Arco Arena is coming out July 7th on Missing Piece/Rock Ridge Music. When they’re not making awesome records, Jay produces and directs TV projects and music videos, and Tim is the VP of Music Programming at Rhapsody. They’re both super nice guys and agreed to this interview, where we talk about music, books, copyright and taco night.

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