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Review: Residue/Residue Deux

R-741569-1154042199So, we’re stealin’ the idea from the Sparks Project and doing one with probably even more records out there — The Residents!  And this time we’re changing it up a little bit — we’ve got two hardcore Residents fans in me and Rich, but Aila is, at best, a casual fan, who will be hearing about 99% of these records for the first time.  DANGEROUS!  So, enjoy, THE RESIDENTS PROJECT!

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Circuit Bending

bent speak & math

Image by bdu via Flickr

Man, this just gets into all of my obsessions and whatnot; it’s electronics, noise, strange musical instruments, home-engineering, science, toys, buttons and dials. 

Circuit Bending is something I’ve always wanted to try; it sounds so fun. A friend of mine got one of these (the one by Toshi Asai, first one, second row) for his birthday last month, and I got to play with it. I actually got to show people how it worked, even though I’d never used one before; I guess it’s just my inborn love of that sorta thing that lets me figure that kind of stuff out quickly.
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In Defense of Beavis & Butthead

Beavis and Butt-head fighting.
Beavis and Butt-head fighting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, I was going to say: It’s easy to dismiss that series as just ‘idiots on TV watching idiots on TV‘ but if you really stop to appreciate what Mike Judge is laying down there, we’d see that what’s so appealing about those two guys, and funny, is not so much that they are idiots, but they are innocents, in ways the ‘real world’ can’t be.

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Interview: Fred Schneider

superionsIn 1976, Freddy “Boom Boom” Schneider busted straight outta Athens, GA with a dollar in his pocket and a dream: to bust mad stentorian rhymes about wild planets, private Idahos and monsters in his pants. Over a 30-plus year career, Schneider has carved out enough fantastical, transgressional “Southern grotesques” to make him the New Wave acid bastard love child of Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor. Now he’s touching the holidays inappropriately with his new band The Superions and their album Destination…Christmas! The inexplicably illeistic Cait Brennan spoke with Schneider and discovered that the “Cancerian from New Jersey” still likes collecting records and exploring the cave of the unknown.
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