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Review: What I’d Say To The Martians

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When I was younger, for whatever reason, I thought that Jack Handey was actually Al Franken.  The idea that Jack Handey — known most for the “Deep Thoughts” segments on Saturday Night Live — was a pseudonym is a surprisingly common one.  But later, I discovered that the idea that he was Al Franken in particular was also pretty common.  Al Franken even wrote a foreword where he declared that many people thought that he was Jack Handey — he’s not, and Jack Handey is a real guy — but why Al Franken in particular? That’s something I’d really like to know.  “Jack Handey” sounds kind of like a made-up name itself (especially that “Handey” is a misspelled version of an everyday word, and coupled with “Jack” just makes it sounds vaguely dirty), but why do people think that it’s made up by Al Franken?  Why did I think he was Al Franken? Continue reading

Comic Book Review: Mort Finkleman’s Tales To Suffice

Tales To Suffice[Purchase Comic]

These days, comic books are usually printed on higher-quality paper than they used to be and have a generally glossier look, which can help us appreciate their finer details or make all the more glaring their flaws. It can also have the effect of fooling the inattentive consumer into thinking they’ve picked up something other than what they actually walk away with. But anyone who mistakes “Tales To Suffice” with a serious graphic work would have to be legally blind. Continue reading