Review: POLYSICS – 15th P

http___ec2.images_amazon.com_images_I_410_FxuGZqLThe first, and most important thing you need to know about POLYSICS new album, 15th P, is that it features a cover of the classic DEVO B-side, “Mecha-Mania Boy” with vocals by DEVO’s own Mark Mothersbaugh. Based on this alone, it is worth your time and money to at least get over to Amazon or iTunes and buy the album, or at least that track.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Thank you.

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On the DEVO Song Study [Now With Song Streams!]

She-Vo's Smooth Noodle Maps DEVO Ring

Image by SansPoint via Flickr

Recently, DEVO, along with Warner Brothers, has deigned to give us listeners a chance to help them decide which twelve songs out of sixteen should go on the first new DEVO record in twenty years. This is no small task. Twenty years of anticipation, twenty years of hope, could potentially be shattered by weak material. And yet, one can’t imagine a band giving people a chance to attack sub-par material. As a certified Hardcore DEVOtee, right down to owning three different Energy Domes, I think I’m qualified to give a quick rundown and review of the material, and reveal my votes.
However, it’s not exactly cut-and-dry, either. We’re not getting full songs here. These are simply 30 second song clips, though some of the songs have been performed, demoed, or even given away for release in full, final form, before this study. For those songs I’ve heard the full versions of, I’m basing my review on that final release, or at least the demo/live performance.
Speaking of full versions, we’ve got two full-length song streams for you to listen to!



So, time to Step Up. Let’s Get To It. (Sorry.)


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Review: POLYSICS – Seattle, Studio Seven, 9/21/03

It’s still POLYSICS week at Kittysneezes! To celebrate my trip to NYC to see POLYSICS on their last tour with Kayo, here’s a review of one of their concerts, back from 2003 — posted as written 7 years ago.  Mang, that’s a while.  Also — footage from this show is available on the PippikippippiP in USA DVD — and I’m in some of the crowd shots!

POLYSICS are the greatest band in the world. If you want evidence of this claim, you could pick up one of their records, or better still, go to one of their shows. I have done both. This is about the show.

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Review: Braided Cord Heroine

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I’m flying to New York this week to both hang out with Janet, but also to see POLYSICS on their last tour with Kayo.  To celebrate, it’s POLYSICS week at Kittysneezes!  Here’s a track-by-track review of Kayo’s first — and so far only — solo EP.

Here are the tracks with translations:

01.????????(???????????????????????!)= Braided Cord Heroine

This one’s really sort of odd. It’s sort of like straight J-Pop, but wtih a really interesting arrangement. Kayo sings on it without any processing on her voice, and it’s a little strange — her voice is a little raspier than I’d expect. Hiro plays guitar on this one, but totally not in the POLYSICS style.

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Jeff Bridges… I Don’t Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!

Jule Styne

Image via Wikipedia

Here’s another hypothetical mix CD, this one called “Jeff Bridges… I Don’t Need No Jeff Bridges To Put Music To My Poem!” The title’s taken from one of my favorite Tom Goes To The Mayor episodes (though, really, they’re all pretty dang great), and the main idea of this mix is to expose people to bands or songs they might not know otherwise. None of the songs were chosen for ironic value; I tend to find all these songs very listenable, and hope others do as well. The songs worked themselves out into “sides” like an LP, although, length-wise, each “side” here would probably be about 2 sides of a real record, but since this is hypothetical, no one will mind.
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Review: POLYSICS – We ate the machine

We Ate the Machine
We Ate the Machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Have these guys really been doing this for ten damn years now? POLYSICS have, really, been been making DEVO inspired rock and roll for a good solid decade. They’ve been around longer than The Beatles, but have had less drummers than Spinal Tap. Their newest record, We ate the machine is, to put it simply, the best damn thing they’ve done in ten years. No exaggeration, no joke, no bullshit.

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