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Review: DEVO – The Complete Truth about De-Evolution

Cover of "The Complete Truth About De-Evolution"
Cover of “The Complete Truth About De-Evolution

Sometimes, I find it odd that there were not more comprehensive collections of music videos by bands released during the Golden Age of DVD. Plenty were released, though they were largely cash-in budget titles, with little regard to quality, curation, or historical context. The music video collection occupies a space akin to the Greatest Hits album, with the extra requirement of demanding your eyes, as well as your ears. In this post-MTV era, the music video is best suited for YouTube over disc. Continue reading

Interview: Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm

Mr. Gavin is the proprietor of Mr. Gavin’s Meat Farm, a musical project that’s just released its first EP, Episode IV via a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp site.  Mr. Gavin’s EP has some really great stuff, including the song from the first video released from it, “The Guerrilla Girls Meet Bob Burns”.  He recently took some time to talk with Kittysneezes about his music, upcoming projects (including two future EPs — one of songs based on each of the Hellraiser movies, and one about his own anxiety issues), and Peter Gabriel videos that happened to scare each of us as young children. Continue reading

Music Video Treatments: Nightmare Dance Club


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The setting is a ballroom, dark and perhaps sort of dingy — think the rave in Zion from the second Matrix movie, but the difference is that instead of the audience finding it unpleasant, the ravers are the ones having a bad time.  They are dancing, but their facial expressions are pained and tortured.  Some are crying, some are just grimacing.  A few of them have facial bruises.  We pan up and find burly men holding guns in the balconies, looking serious and harshly militaristic.  The band is on stage, and they are performing the song neither happily or scared — they’ve got a job to do and they’re doing it, nothing more, nothing less.  The song itself should be a happy, upbeat, electropoppish type number — ideally nothing lyrically to betray the unpleasant scene.

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We're getting there!

All right!  Kittysneezes.com is getting much closer to being on the air!  We'll have an actual Real-Live Design soon, but at least things are basically navigatable now, which is ALWAYS a plus.  Unless you're into seeing a half-image flanked by two inexplicably mashed together menus.  In which case, I apologize, but it's time to move on.

 Anyway, though — I am basically seeing no reason why Kittysneezes can't get at least a bit up and running now!  For the time being, starting Next Week(!!!), May 20, 2007, Kittysneezes will be on a twice-a-week schedule — at least from postings by me.  Who knows, maybe down the road I'll find other people who want to contribute, too!  (Which I suppose is why folks should register (for free, natch!) on the sidebar over there to the left.  That way, I can eventually make people other classes of user.  And, hey, at least that way you can leave comments and I'd know who you are.)

 I've got a few new reviews in the can, and I'm working on at least one more Interview — but with more to come!  And who knows what else will come down. 

 Of course, since Kittysneezes is a band as well, I'll be working on getting a few cuts posted as well — and ideally some Music Videos posted (probably on YouTube), and linked up as well! 

 Remember — Kittysneezes IS GO.  And is All Things To All People. 

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