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Wikipedia Article Word Counts, Compared

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The Punic Wars: 3,478 words

Star Wars: 13,311 words


Horatio Nelson: 15,229 words

Optimus Prime: 16,469 words


Ching Shih (the 19th-century pirate queen who commanded one of the largest pirate fleets in human history): 2,115 words

Samus Aran: 4,713 words

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The Fluffy Virus

English: My LCD clock with LED backlight. My o...Every so often you realize that you’re more or less living in the future, and that the future is pretty neat. In fact, most times it’s pretty great, except for two things:

a) In the future, everything is – for whatever reason – online
b) Some people are still assholes.

In fact, A wouldn’t even be a problem if it weren’t for B. But B has been a problem for all of history, and will likely continue to remain a problem until humanity dies out… probably due to some people being assholes.  Continue reading