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Things That Are Neat: Hummingbirds!

A hummingbird at Crocosmia. The image was take...

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Birds of all sorts are really neat — a lot of ‘em are super smart, and besides, they can totally fly, or at least a lot of ‘em can.  More than people.  But one of the varieties of birds — man, not even my FAVORITE type of bird, that’s how cool birds are — is one I find super neat.   Hummingbirds.  Their wings flap so fast they’re like blurs, and they’re really tiny.

I mean, jeez, it’s kinda amazing how an animal can be so small and fly around and not be an insect.  Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a bird that small — it’s almost like they should be butterflies or something.  And I suppose they’re delicate, since birds are a little delicate, but they’re not delicate in the way a butterfly is.  You touch a butterfly’s wings, it can’t fly anymore (don’t do that, man, don’t be a jerk).  You touch a hummingbird’s wings, hummingbird kicks your ass.
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