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Interview: Paul Rugg

Paul Rugg
Paul Rugg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[This interview was conducted in May of 2010, and was on the site for a while… but somehow disappeared.  So I’m posting it again. So check it out, perhaps for the very first time! – Ed.]  

Paul Rugg‘s a great comedy cartoon writer; he’s done some great bits for Animaniacs (he wrote “Schnitzelbank”, f’rinstance) and Histeria!, but he’s also known for his voice work.  He had a great role as the villain in the pilot The Modifyers, he was also the villain in Dave The Barbarian and American Dragon: Jake Long, but perhaps his greatest role was where he played a hero — namely Freakazoid.  He also was one of the main writers and producers on Freakazoid! and with John P. McCann and was responsible for a good part of what made the show so magic.  Paul’s also worked with the Jim Henson company on a number of projects, and he’s currently working on a pilot for Nickelodeon.  He’s also got a great blog, Froynlaven — so, he’s got quite a bit going on — and just about all of it is a hoot and a half.  As someone who was addicted to Freakazoid! and one of those annoying guys who quotes it a lot, I was very happy when Paul agreed to an interview where he answered some of my long-held questions about the show — like what makes a Chubby Boy.

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