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Circuit Bending

bent speak & math

Image by bdu via Flickr

Man, this just gets into all of my obsessions and whatnot; it’s electronics, noise, strange musical instruments, home-engineering, science, toys, buttons and dials. 

Circuit Bending is something I’ve always wanted to try; it sounds so fun. A friend of mine got one of these (the one by Toshi Asai, first one, second row) for his birthday last month, and I got to play with it. I actually got to show people how it worked, even though I’d never used one before; I guess it’s just my inborn love of that sorta thing that lets me figure that kind of stuff out quickly.
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In Defense of Beavis & Butthead

Beavis and Butt-head fighting.
Beavis and Butt-head fighting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, I was going to say: It’s easy to dismiss that series as just ‘idiots on TV watching idiots on TV‘ but if you really stop to appreciate what Mike Judge is laying down there, we’d see that what’s so appealing about those two guys, and funny, is not so much that they are idiots, but they are innocents, in ways the ‘real world’ can’t be.

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Things That Are Neat: Breasts!

Rat nursing

Image via Wikipedia

Man, breasts are awesome.  I mean I know a lot of people know this and all but sometimes things require saying.  Everyone’s got ’em, so that’s kinda cool, and also they come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes and shades.   None of ’em is any better than any other, but it’s the variety that’s pretty cool.  So yeah.  It’s kinda weird that people seem to like looking at ’em so much, but I think that’s just part of the way folks are wired to keep the species goin’.  Folks like lookin’ at skin and when it’s the skin of others, especially so.  (This isn’t so much true when the skin’s not actually attached to someone.  I saw a thing where Penn Jillette was showing off the stuff in his house and he had a hunk of skin with a tattoo on it framed and I thought that it was kind of cool, since it’s somethin’ weird, but I could totally see where a bunch of people would be all NO THANK YOU PENN WHY DON’T YOU HAVE SOME NICE ART LIKE A PICASSO ON YOUR WALL.)

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