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Interview: Caplin Rous

Caplin Rous is name of giant hamster-rat some calling capybara. Is famous rat creature because featuring in newest book calling Celeste and The Giant Hamster. As actual kitty myself, most delightsful to take break from busy day making dreamings of mouse and plots to do underminings to RIVAL, to instead do interviewings towards such creature. Caplin seem unusually smart for these kind and abilities to write SO WELL. Obvious intellectuals. We talking about many fascistating topic such as book he featuring, rat, and even wobal glarmings (question which proving my dynamite journalisting skill). Usually cat believing rodent to be foods stuff, but Caplin apparently too big to make eatings with anyway. So for these I making tries to be friend instead of RIVAL.


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Capybara Catapult

Capybara Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris at the Zona...

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I had a very strange dream a couple nights ago. Perhaps it was due to looking at too many capybaras the night before — but one can never look at too many capybaras, as they are absolutely adorable. (Speak, though hilarious on The Tick, was not terribly adorable, unlike real capybaras. Real capybaras also cannot speak. Though it’s arguable if Speak could either.)

The dream itself involved meeting a family with a lot of capybaras — I believe it was a sanctuary, and I believe I was meeting them on some sort of professional or quasi-professional basis. Perhaps I was making a documentary on them, or going to interview them, I don’t recall, and it’s rather irrelevant. The interesting thing about the family — or, rather the more interesting thing about them as having a lot of capys in and of itself is pretty dang interesting — is that their son was a capybara in a human body.

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