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The Residents Project Supplemental Edition: Bad Day on the Midway: The Book

Bad Day On The Midway ReconsideredIn case you don’t remember, we didn’t really care much for Have A Bad Day, the soundtrack CD to the Residents‘ CD-ROM game Bad Day on the Midway.  And it didn’t help that of the three of us, none had actually played the game the music came from.  In fact, I’m not sure if we COULD play the game even if we had a copy of it, given how computers advanced and whatnot.  The Bad Day project couldn’t die, however.  After at least three attempts to turn it into a TV series (including one attempt by David Lynch of all people), the Residents — or rather the singing Resident, Randy Rose — turned the storyline of the game into a short novel. Continue reading

Review: Have A Bad Day

Cover of "Have a Bad Day"
Cover of Have a Bad Day

So, we’re stealin’ the idea from the Sparks Project and doing one with probably even more records out there — The Residents!  And this time we’re changing it up a little bit — we’ve got two hardcore Residents fans in me and Rich, but Aila is, at best, a casual fan, who will be hearing about 99% of these records for the first time.  DANGEROUS!  So, enjoy, THE RESIDENTS PROJECT!

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