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Rich Anderson’s Forgotten Records series.

Forgotten Records: Yes – Drama

Cover of "Drama"

Cover of Drama

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Yes is one of the big, fat, dumb, lumbering dinosaurs of Progressive Rock. They’re still around, still doing long, drawn out prog-rock numbers with classical influences, sci-fi/fantasy lyrics, and Roger Dean is still painting their album covers, it would seem. If you don’t know them for their stuff like “Close to the Edge”, “I’ve Seen All Good People”, or “Roundabout”, chances are you know them for their big hit during a brief period of New Wave infatuation: “Owner of a Lonely Heart”. The above is a bit more slag-offish than I mean, here. I’m a Yes fan. I’m not hugely into Yes, I wouldn’t bother to see them live, but they’ve put together some classic records. Either way, if you know anything about Classic Rock or Progressive Rock, you know about Yes… so how can they have a forgotten album?!

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Forgotten Records: Polyrock

Polyrock (album)
Polyrock (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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This is the first of what will, hopefully, be a series of reviews of excellent records lost to the mists of time. Some were later found again, like this particular record, the self-titled debut by Polyrock.

Polyrock was a post-punk/new wave band from New York City with a distinctive minimalist flair, owing in no small part to the involvement of Phillip Glass in production and performance. I suppose the closest parallel to Polyrock would be early Talking Heads, somewhere around More Songs About Buildings and Food, though the approach is totally different. Polyrock’s music was pattern-based, usually with a driving, mechanical drum beat, while Talking Heads were more open and conventionally pop in their arrangements.

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