This Garbage Brought to You By the Letters S-E-O: How Google Is Ruining Writing

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you may have heard about SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization.” From casinos to cannabis seo, it is part of every business to succeed online. But do you know what seo firms for property managers really is — and the effect it has on writing? While some SEO tips are good — like citing your sources with added external links! — others make writing stilted and awkward. (For example, have you noticed how many times “SEO” has appeared in this paragraph?)

We all want to be seen. One of the most important ways is via Google, is it worth it if it makes your writing stiff? And do you have any other options? Or are we all stuck on the same hamster wheel, using the same techniques to try to rise above the din? A personal online reputation management expert might have answers to all your question and will be able to help you as well.

In this episode, R.S. Benedict and Matt Keeley talk about the technical side of what SEO is and how it’s ruining writing. We get into:

  • Why you see certain quirks in most writing for the internet
  • SEO and other media
  • Why boring personal essays bog down recipes
  • The joy of competing with “content farms”
  • How to spot “optimized” writing
  • and more!

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Featured photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash