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Review: Any Similarity To Persons Living Or Dead is Purely Coincidental

Any Similarity To Persons Living Or Dead Is Purely CoincidentalI think I’ve mentioned before that Liquid Television was both hugely influential on me and kinda turned out to be an animated version of RAW.  And it was Liquid TV where I first saw the work of RAW and, later MAD contributor, Drew Friedman.  He had a few “Uncle Louie” shorts, featuring the titular character travelling through the sewers to save on travel expenses.  I loved the stippling style of the artwork, the amazingly detailed and photorealistic characters — a mix of the perfectly normal and the strangely grotesque — and the cutout animation.   Continue reading

What Makes A Good MST3K Episode?

What a godawful movie

Image by mcwetboy via Flickr

Mystery Science Theater 3000 was one of my formative comedy experiences, along with watching reruns of SCTV starting when I was about 7 and collecting Mad magazine.  Being a comedy geek has sort of been in my blood, I suppose — between loving comedy, being one of those kids who, even from a very young age wanted to be a stand-up comedian, and, well, my mild OCD, I kinda had to be obsessed.  I’ve already revealed myself as someone who thinks way too much about this stuff on the macro level, but I also do on the micro as well.

As a nigh-obsessive MiSTie, I’ve seen more than my fair share of episodes.  I haven’t seen all of them… yet… but a whole mess of ’em.  And, of course, with MST3K there’re good episodes and bad.  Although, unlike with most other programs, the fault typically doesn’t lie on the writers for a bad MST3K, but the movie they’re riffing.

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