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Interview: Johnette Napolitano


Image by xrayspx via Flickr

Johnette Napolitano is best known as the singer/songwriter/bassist behind Concrete Blonde. 2004’s Mojave was Concrete Blonde’s final album (the band retired two years later), and Johnette has been prolifically making her own brand of music since then, and working on various collaborations, such as with the band Catfish Scar. 2007 brought the release of her solo album Scarred, and 2009 promises the release of Sketchbook 3, the third in a series of limited-edition albums. Some early tracks from Sketchbook 3 are now available to preview on her MySpace page. In addition to her musical talents, Napolitano is also a visual artist, having shown work at The Art Queen Gallery in her hometown of Joshua Tree, California. In this interview she touches upon her love of Flamenco music, her past and future, the election of Barack Obama, and much more. Including the standard Kittysneezes question about cats and dogs being fired out of guns (yes, that would likely hurt the animal, come to think of it)…

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