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Gravity’s Rainbow, 500p-END, Matt’s Take

Gravity's Rainbow

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So, I have finished Gravity’s Rainbow! I’m not sure if this has messed with anyone the way I ended up doing the read-along, where the first four or so are 50 pages per, and then the last ones were about 150 pages per? Though I guess if it did, it’s easy enough to just hold off on reading the others until you’ve caught up with each. I’m also throwing out the call that if anyone:
a) Was reading
and b) Is interested,
that if you’d like to post your own wrap-up type thoughts as a main article at Kittysneezes, I’d enjoy seeing it. (And given that everyone reads at a different rate, this is open for here on out, not just an immediate thing.)

So, anyway. THE BOOK. (and not Pointsman’s.)

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Gravity's Rainbow, 350-500pp., Matt's Take

A promise or a threat fulfilled — I’m doin’ wider spans, like I said I would last week! So, there! At least we’ve kind of hit the part of the novel where it really carries you along with its flow — it’s harder to put down, and I find myself really enjoying it even more.

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Gravity's Rainbow, 200-350pp., Matt's Take

Yay, we’re back on with this! Ben said he was gonna post an essay he’d been working on, but I guess he got waylaid by work or something, so he didn’t. But the fact remains that he TOTALLY SOLD ME OUT in terms of posting something for this last week, so to make up for it, I’m going to not only catch up to where I should be, but also do an extra fifty pages! So there! (Since Dave’s reading along too, and is at 440, that should be OK.)

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Gravity’s Rainbow, 150-200pp., Matt’s Take

Gravity's Rainbow
Gravity’s Rainbow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And with this one, we go into what is, for me, brand new territory. The Leni Pökler flashback (more on that in a bit) is about where I lost the plot (pardon the pun) and ended up putting it down and reading something else to rest my brain a bit. And by the time I picked it back up, it was better to just start again from the beginning. So, I did! Hooray!

I think for me, sometimes I have the biggest part wrapping my head around the Psi Section bits — I’m pretty much Not Into That in real life, and while I know that a) This isn’t real and b) It’s a comment on how the Nazis DID use (or, rather “use”) Psi Section-type stuff, I think there’s still a little bit in my brain that rebels on it and doesn’t quite want to process it all the way. I believe I’m getting better on that, but I still need to smack myself around a little when it comes to that, at least as it pertains to Gravity’s Rainbow. Continue reading

Gravity's Rainbow, 50-100pp., Matt's Take

[Ben’s been murdered at work, so his posts will be along shortly.]

It’s in these pages that the story begins to get a little bit more explanatory; not fully so, given that we’re only a 7th of the way in, or, perhaps 3/14ths, but yes. And there’s a few bits where you can perhaps see where the Pulitzer committee called it “obscene” — not that I agree, but there are a few bits that are cringeworthy (though one is hilarious).

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