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Interview: Buttersafe

Buttersafe Expo
Buttersafe Expo (Photo credit: besighyawn)

I was lucky to discover Buttersafe relatively early in the comic’s life; they were actually one of the very first Kittysneezes/Project Wonderful advertisers (see, Project Wonderful ads DO lead to hits! I can guarantee for the most part at least ONE click through — me!). I ended up returning the favor, and from time to time our ads will show up on one another’s sites, so that’s pretty cool.

Of course, this isn’t just a lame “Oh, they are an advertiser, better make ’em happy” type of article — I became a big fan of their strip. The absurdist humor and deceptively simple art style is right up my alley. After reading Buttersafe for, geez, about a year now, I decided I’d ask for an interview with Alex Culang (his strips usually run Thursdays) and Raynato Castro (Tuesdays usually for him), the creators of Buttersafe and hosts of the very first Buttersafe Expo, a convention for fans of pizza (and also the strip).

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