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Huggies Not Buggies!

Art by Coalheart
Art by Coalheart

It’s a lovely day in the park. Your herd is having a wonderful time, grazing, playing ball, hugging and playing circle-run!
But then… HORROR! It’s so horrible you can barely describe it! You got BIT…… BY A STRIPEY BUGGIE MUNSTA! NUUUUUUUU!!! You were here first! You just wanted to eat a flower! The buggy was just flying right near it! What a jerk! This must not stand!
BUT WAIT: You are a slightly smarter than usual fluffy and you know that if you try to attack, it won’t end well. You’ve been in many fours of herds. And each of those many fours ended due to an attack. You think there might be a pattern there. The smarty friend of this herd agrees. Continue reading