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Review: Four Foot Shack

Cover of Four Foot Shack
Cover of “Four Foot Shack”

Listeners of Crush On Radio know full well my love (as well as Andrew’s) of Primus and the work of Les Claypool.  So it should have been a given that I’d be picking up the new album Four Foot Shack from Les’ new Duo De Twang, a country group with Bryan Kehoe from M.I.R.V. The album is almost all covers — the only original song is the brief introductory track, “Four Foot Shack”, though a little more than half are covers of Les’ various other bands (so does that count as a cover?), including two from Primus, a couple from the Frog Brigade, and one from his first solo record, Highball With The Devil (“Hendershot”, one of my favorite tracks from that record, as it turns out). Continue reading

Review: Duck Stab

Duck Stab/Buster & Glen

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In 1972, an anonymous group of musicians from Shreveport, Louisiana released their first single, “Santa Dog” — but not in the normal fashion one normally goes about releasing a debut single. This band pressed up 300 copies of the 2 7″ set and mailed them out as a Christmas card to friends, family and the occasional noteworthy like Richard M. Nixon or Frank Zappa (the latter of whom never received his; they had an incorrect address for him).

It may have been some inauspicious beginnings for The Residents, but in 1977, they’d have their first breakout hit, an EP called Duck Stab, featuring 7 songs (Constantinople, Sinister Exaggerator, The Booker Tease, Blue Rosebuds, Laughing Song, Bach Is Dead, Elvis and his Boss). Due to the EP’s popularity and the Residents’ dissatisfaction with the reduced sound quality of the original 45, they re-issued it as the A-Side of an LP (with modified running order), backed with a new set of songs planned as the Buster and Glen EP, becoming the album known today.

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