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Selected Memories of a Scott McCaughey Concert from 7 years ago.

A number of sand dollars on a seabed
A number of sand dollars on a seabed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scott and John Ramberg playing “Ghost Tarts of Stockholm”, including all of the Fa-fa-fafafa bits, which actually went for a pretty long time.

The song “Got You”, which is one of my favorites from “Let The War Against Music Begin”, and me realizing again for the first time as I do every time I listen to the song, how completely wonderful and beautiful the lyrics are. Like the lyrics about drawing her face in the sand with seashell eyes and sand dollar teeth. And it’s a picnic and a nightmare when you love someone. And the entire hole-in-the-leaf scene.
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Thirteen Ugly Children Roll Gutterballs

Klaus Nomi (illistration)
Klaus Nomi (illistration) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a hypothetical mix CD of songs that were posted by me to the website phancy.com a long time ago, back in 2005 — the songs are no longer available for download, but perhaps the notes will still be enjoyable!  That and pretty much all of them are available to purchase if you are so inclined.  Due to the nature of my posting, there’re sometimes be chunks of one artist in a row, as some weeks are artist-spotlights of sorts — if you were to actually track down all these songs and burn them as CDs, you might wanna shuffle the order.  I’ve broken this set up into two CDs if you wish to burn your own copies of them, and the notes here are the notes I originally wrote when they ran in the first place; they’re just all in one place — most of the references were true then — they may be less true now.  If anything it’s a cool list of songs and artists you might wanna check out if you’re looking for new music!

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