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An Allegedly Fun Game!

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So, my glasses broke in two about two weeks ago.  This is not fun when, without them, you’re legally blind.  Trust me on this one.  Anyway, everything’s fine now — I got my new glasses and I can see again.  In the interim, though, my Dad had to come over to fix my glasses, and while he did, I waited on the couch with my iTunes playing for both of us to listen to.  It was kind of fun watching album covers go by and trying to recognize the art from the vague blur that I could see.  So, I put together a little game of identifying these record sleeves from blur-vision; roughly about what I could see without glasses.


Feel free to guess in comments; answers will be posted tomorrow!


HINT:  None of them are Blur.  That’s just a little on the nose.

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Camarillo Brillo


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This was recorded for the Cover Freak Frank Zappa Tribute, Conceptual Continuity. We chose this one, quite honestly, because it looked like it was one of the few Zappa songs that didn’t necessarily REQUIRE a lot of technical skill. There aren’t a lot of those, actually, part of why FZ’s so cool. I really like this song a lot anyway — on the automation system at my college radio station, which was just a big, 60-CD changer, we had the “Left of the Dial” promo Zappa comp in there, and for whatever reason, the player really liked “Camarillo Brillo”, so if there wasn’t anyone in the booth, you had a pretty good chance of hearing that song.   The next year, we went to an mp3 system for the automation, but I think we put “Camarillo Brillo” in there anyway. It’s an awesome song. On this version, I think on the verses I’m channelling David Liebe Hart a bit.

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What About Ping?

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Ping’s the new social networking tool from Apple.  I’m on it (being a Mac geek and a person who uses iTunes anyway for playback, I suppose I kinda had to be) — just look up “Matt Keeley” and look for the creepy horse-head wearing an energy dome.  So far, though, I seem to be having the problem a lot of folks are: I’m not precisely sure what to do with it.


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Kittysneezes TV

While I know that the idea of “Appointment TV” is dying with the advent of Hulu (and BitTorrent),  and a lot of folks don’t even have a TV anymore, just watching everything online, I still like the idea of actually watching TV.  I don’t do it as often as I used to, as there’s just not a lot on that I like anymore.  Pretty much just Simpsons and Family Guy reruns, along with Futurama and Adventure Time for new stuff so far — I just don’t watch as much as I used to.  But I do like the idea of flipping through the channels and it’s always great when you can stumble across something.

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[Purchase CD]ABCDEFG Cover Art

Chumbawamba really is an underrated band — like a lot of one-hit wonders, their one-hit ended up doing them in in the eyes of 99% of music listeners.  For a long time, I couldn’t stand ’em just because of the ubiquity of “Tubthumping“.  Luckily, I was working at my college station when Readymades came out, and I listened to it and loved it.  It still took me a while to get the other albums, but I’m full-on converted… and I even like “Tubthumping” now.

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