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The Sparks Project: A Look Back

Sparks in Londen, November 1972; Ronnie Mael, ...

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Rev. Syung Myung Me: And thus, the Sparks Project draws to a close.  Or at least a nap that’ll probably be a year or two long, depending on when there’s a new Sparks album.  Admittedly, if I had my druthers, that’d be, say, once every month or two, but I can see where they’d need, y’know, time to make the records.  And what with the Seduction of Ingmar Bergman film with Guy Maddin hopefully becoming a reality, it might be longer — but we might finally get the Mael’s film debut.  Or, at least a non-disaster-film debut.

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Review: The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman

Who don’t love Sparks?  I suppose the folks who don’t know who Sparks are might not love Sparks, but that’s only because of plum ignorance.  But REST EASY, reader — we’re here to set you straight by reviewing ALL the Sparks records — and not just by one, but TWO (and maybe occasionally MORE!) Die-Hard Sparks Fan Reviewers.  We shall be your guide into the wonderful world of Mael.  Check it out! Continue reading