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The Fingertips Project: All Alone

English: A420 leaving Giddeahall heading east ...
English: A420 leaving Giddeahall heading east Very little between here and Chippenham. A blackthorn, sloe or prunus spinosa is in flower to the left. The fruit has a bitter taste but makes very good wine which needs time to mature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose I should have figured this is what it’d be like. There’s even a Twilight Zone about it with the guy who’s the last guy on earth and he wants to read but then his glasses break. Luckily, I don’t have glasses, but the payoff is emotionally the same. I don’t even really know why, since I typically don’t — or, rather, didn’t — like people nor have any close friends or even acquaintances. Continue reading

The Fingertips Project: Come On & Wreck My Car

English: Car accident in Russia
English: Car accident in Russia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It had started out pretty well, in fact, though over the years, their relationship had deteriorated. Or, rather, his relationship had deteriorated; her feelings hadn’t appeared to change a bit. To make things easier — she could be vicious in fights, even if she immediately apologized and tried to make up — he hadn’t let down his feeling-facade. Of course, this didn’t make it any less true that not only did he not love her anymore, he didn’t even particularly like her. Continue reading