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Review: Four Foot Shack

Cover of Four Foot Shack
Cover of “Four Foot Shack”

Listeners of Crush On Radio know full well my love (as well as Andrew’s) of Primus and the work of Les Claypool.  So it should have been a given that I’d be picking up the new album Four Foot Shack from Les’ new Duo De Twang, a country group with Bryan Kehoe from M.I.R.V. The album is almost all covers — the only original song is the brief introductory track, “Four Foot Shack”, though a little more than half are covers of Les’ various other bands (so does that count as a cover?), including two from Primus, a couple from the Frog Brigade, and one from his first solo record, Highball With The Devil (“Hendershot”, one of my favorite tracks from that record, as it turns out). Continue reading