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Traumstadt 4 & 5

LPD vocalist Edward Ka-Spel on the piano and N...
LPD vocalist Edward Ka-Spel on the piano and Niels van Hoorn at an 14 October 2007 show at the Stubnitz boat in Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edward Ka-Spel’s brilliance with The Legendary Pink Dots is to introduce us to isolated characters and then immerse us in their world-view through expansive and mysterious soundscapes. He begins with the most restricted, infinitesimal point of consciousness and then slowly expands it outward towards a state of ‘cosmic consciousness’ (to use the phrase of 1960s psychonauts). Musically, he often follows this template of expansion, with simple melody lines repeating and layering in increased complexity of texture. Much of the LPD’s music is an undertaking to help the listener (and perhaps composer) escape his/her own head. Lyrical phrases, musical motifs, album titles and themes recur across decades, but tonal shifts between albums are slow and subtle.  Hopefully, The Legendary Dots Project, like the Residents and Sparks projects before, will provide the keen reader and listener with a giddy entry-point into the Legendary Pink Dots’ musical world. Fulfil the prophecy! Continue reading

Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, RIP

Peter Christopherson 2007

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We here at Kittysneezes are pretty big fans of Coil, so it’s really sad to hear about the death of Peter Christopherson, one-half of that band, one-fourth of inventors-of-Industrial Throbbing Gristle, and a wicked awesome designer, music video director and, from all accounts, human being.


Lee, the guy who turned me on to Coil, for which I’m forever grateful, was going to write a longer piece on Sleazy’s passing, but he got slammed at work (on an admittedly really cool project)… and he discovered that the fine folks at PopMatters had basically said everything he would have said anyway.


That said — he was an immense talent, and the world’s poorer without him. Here’re some videos to enjoy and celebrate his life and work.

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