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Everything Changes

Picture of french toast
Picture of french toast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His eyes slowly fluttered open and he stared at the ceiling. Here it was, his thirteenth birthday. He hadn’t expected thirteen to feel that different from twelve, but something did feel off and unfamiliar somehow. Arthur stretched his bony arms backwards over his head and then sat up, rubbing his rumpled hair.

At the kitchen table downstairs, his mother already had his favorite breakfast of orange juice, french toast, and a sunny-side-up egg laid out for him. As he sat down, she hurried in from the kitchen, grabbing his shoulders and kissing his cheek. “Good morning, birthday boy!” she said overly cheerfully. Continue reading

A Very Special Christmas Edition #6

Saturday is my buddy, Mike Leffel’s, birthday so I thought I’d make something extra-special for the occasion.  I’m posting it here to pretend like there wasn’t a three month gap between comics, teehee!  This comic features characters based on one of his old comic strips called Owlie.  Sadly, it no longer exists and I think the archives for it have even been taken down which really sucks.

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