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Things That Are Neat: Those Sparkly Things In Street Pavement!

Rhodochrosite Pyrite and Black Mica
Rhodochrosite Pyrite and Black Mica (Photo credit: Orbital Joe)

I don’t know if anyone really knows what I’m really talking about here.  Has anyone noticed when you’re out walking in, say, the downtown of a city, and you look into the street, especially when there’s very little traffic or anything, and the street’s actually kind of sparkly?  Like there’s these little flecks in there that catch the light just so?

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Interview: Harry Partridge

Screenshot of the Watchmen gathered together.

Image via Wikipedia

Harry Partridge is the writer, artist, animator, composer, voice actor and just about everything else behind Happy Harry Toons. If the “Happy Harry” brand doesn’t quite ring a bell, I’d bet you’d know his work — perhaps The American Akira (Coming 2011), Hal, The Misinterpretive Porn Star, or maybe a little thing called Saturday Morning Watchmen the kids seem to be into. I wanted to talk with him after first being blown away by American Akira and quickly devouring everything else on his YouTube page — and here it is! I ask him about his techniques, styles, influences, and, well, I couldn’t resist asking one question about having Andy Partridge from XTC as a dad.

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