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Ten Obscure-ish Films Everyone Should See

Earlier this year, the largest video store in the United States, Scarecrow Video had a Kickstarter to help fund its survival and conversion to a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of video.  Of course, being a film-loving Seattlite, I was just about contractually bound to contribute to the Kickstarter — and one of the perks was being allowed to curate a top 10 list that’d be available for folks to browse in the store.  That list is here — though it’s not really a top 10 list, but more of 10 movies that may be a little obscure that are worth checking out.  (And I believe a fair number of these I first saw from Scarecrow!)  In no particular order, those films are…

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Review: The Billy Nayer Show: The Early Years

Patent drawing for Fleischer's original rotoscope.

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This was the first DVD from Cory McAbee, director of The American Astronaut and Stingray Sam and leader of the Billy Nayer Show.  It’s got his three short films, Billy NayerThe Ketchup And Mustard Man, and The Man On The Moon. It’s also got a bunch of bonus material, including examples of Cory McAbee’s art (he is an INCREDIBLE ARTIST. He is profoundly ninjoid.) for posters and postcards, a couple of live songs, the trailer for American Astronaut, and the audio from their rare 45 “Must Be Santa” (both A and B sides), and some other things. No easter eggs that I’ve been able to find, though.

I can’t recommend this enough. This DVD or the band in general, although I tend to find that I enjoy their films more than their records (but the records are very, very good indeed).

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