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Kittysneezes music and video

Video: Complication

A cover of the song “Complication” by Monks, written by Gary Burger/Larry Spangler/David Havlicek/Roger Johnston/Thomas Shaw, original from the album Black Monk Time, another outstanding album.

Kittysneezes on this recording is (only):
Rev. Syung Myung Me: Vox, Banjo


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Watch Us Work It (Real Version)

This was recorded for the Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated: Volume 8 DEVO tribute compilation that was distributed at HARDCORE DEVOTIONAL 2009, a DEVO convention that occurred August 29, 2009. I wish Kittysneezes could have been there in person, but at least we were on the CD! The song was recorded over a rather long amount of time in Studio Kittysneezes, and finally finished in June of 2009. This is completely and utterly different than the “alternate version” posted earlier. Continue reading

Watch Us Work It (Alternate Version)

This cover of the DEVO song from the new 12″ single was recorded during downtime in the sessions for the REAL version of “Watch Us Work It”, which we’re recording for the upcoming Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated Vol. 9 compilation to be distributed at the 2009 DEVOtional. This was recorded live to 1 stereo track in Cubase, which explains why the mixing of the guitar is so low (once I eyeballed the pot levels, I went back to Dale’s vocoder). Dale wasn’t in on the sessions for this one, and when he arrived later that evening to work on the real one, he said it was “terrible”.

He’s probably right, but I kinda like it anyway. This version will not appear on anything, most likely.

On this recording, Kittysneezes is:
Rev. Syung Myung Me: Vocoded Vox, Drum Programming
John Keeley: Guitar

Download “Watch Us Work It (alt.)” now.

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