Critique Sample: The Eye of Argon and Irene Iddesleigh

On this episode of Rite Gud, we’re giving our listeners a sample of our Patreon-exclusive bonus content. If you sign up at the flash fiction, short story or novelette tier, we’ll offer a little bit of critique every month on something you’re working on. To give you an idea of what that will entail, R.S. Benedict looks at The Eye of Argon by Jim Theis and Irene Iddesleigh by Amanda McKittrick Ros.

Getting critiqued and listening to someone else get critiqued can be a really valuable way to develop that critical gaze that’s so important to being a good writer. Writing is rewriting, and being able to examine a work for flaws is essential for the rewriting process.

The Eye of Argon and Irene Iddesleigh

For those of you who are unaware with the pieces in question: The Eye of Argon was written by a 16-year-old Theis, and published in a fanzine in 1970. The work quickly gained a reputation as being ridiculously overwritten and was often the source of live-readings at conventions. (Basically, it’s a My Immortal for your parents’ generation.)

From The Eye of Argon, we move to Irene Iddesleigh, a work by Amanda McKittrick Ros from 1897. Irene Iddesleigh had the honor of being called “one of the greatest unintentionally humorous novels of all time” by none other than Mark Twain. (Basically, it’s a My Immortal for your great-great-grandparents’ generation.)

That said — we’re not here to dunk on bad writing. We’re here to help you improve with constructive criticism.

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Featured image taken from the Eye of Argon cover.