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You Are About To Enter A World


I love movie trailers.  No, seriously, I love them.  I love to see how a feature length film is summarized and marketed.  I have favorite trailers.  I have favorite trailers that are for movies that I don’t even particularly like.  I haven’t even seen Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem but I can tell you without hesitation that the trailer fucking ruled.  With the hard action scenes and the delicate music.  It was brilliant.

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Thoughts on being a Fursuiter

First of all, I am in fact, a card carrying member of the furry fandom. But when I refer to it, I call it Teh Furreh Fandumb, so that should show you how serious I take this fandom. (If you don’t know what a ‘furry’ is, I suggest looking at Wikipedia for a general idea.)

Secondly, what is a fursuit? To put it succinctly, a ‘fursuit’ is a mascot costume made of a personally developed character. A personal character, usually an anthropomorphic animal character that is typically created by the wearer. Sometimes the wearer makes the costume themselves, or they commission someone else to do so. The amount of people who are making these suits are growing day by day and some of the more adept are actually making it a profession.

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Interview: Harold Haller/One Night In Kansas

Recently, Salon started a new comic, Kansas O’Flaherty… Secret Agent by New Yorker illustrator Tom Bachtell and former Village Voice columnist Toni Schlesinger. Kansas, the latest in a string of Salon-commissioned cartoon serials, has the unfortunate distinction of one of the most negatively-received features in Salon‘s history — the letters section for each strip rapidly reaches multiple pages and is usually closed only a few days after the strip is published; almost all of the responses are negative, and the few that are positive are somewhat backhanded compliments of the ilk “Well, it’s improving — it’s not as terrible as last week!”

Last week, however, an anonymous reader going by the nom de plume Harold Haller put together a YouTube video remix One Night In Kansas of images from the strip with his own narrative. The video was, unlike its source material, very well-received, creating a twisty story from Bachtell’s images and Angelo Badalamenti’s piece “The Pink Room” from the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me soundtrack. Perhaps the most interesting thing I found is that Bachtell’s images, divorced from the context of the original strip, gained new life on their own and allowed his quality draftsmanship of the individual drawings to shine through, no longer weighted down by the terrible storytelling of Schlesinger and the inability of his style to suit the comic strip format.

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