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Drabbles: Writing

English: Smith Premier Typewriter Co. of Syrac...
English: Smith Premier Typewriter Co. of Syracuse, New York – 1905 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Coffee, strong coffee. Sending vibrations, shockwaves, directly to her brain, which in turn set her fingers flying across the keys of her maroon Smith-Corona, each push resulting in clattering contact with the page, ink as black as the coffee against virginal paper. Five pages now. Not stopping until it was done. Another sip of coffee, more inspiration seizing hold of her. Always better to compose on a typewriter, tapping into the creative power of her literary ancestors, a direct lineage from the heroic bards of the past down to her, alone at her desk but wrapped in words, words, words.  Continue reading

Want To Write For Kittysneezes?

Hal is a good dog.
I don’t have a picture for this, so here’s a picture of Hal! He’s a good dog.

“Hey, I’d like to write for Kittysneezes!”

Is this you?  If so, then that is AWESOME!  A+ on your hastily arrived-at desire!  Contact me via the Contact Page, and I’ll give you more details and get you set up with an account!  We pretty much take anything!  Essays, Reviews, Interviews, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Humor, Comics, Recipes, Journalism, WHATEVER!  In fact, aside from the usual (we don’t like being sued for libel or plagiarism or anything like that — well, we don’t like being sued at all, really), we only have one real rule:

1.  If it’s a review, it should be positive.  Be critical, sure, but be constructive, and the general takeaway from the article should be “I think that it would be worthwhile for you to spend a small slice of your limited time on this here lump of dirt on this particular item!”

That’s pretty much it.  There might be other stuff, like, “interviews should have the “Part the First” questions in there too, but that’s pretty minor compared with that one.  (And the not-getting-us-sued thing.)  Continue reading