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Wikipedia Article Word Counts, Compared

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The Punic Wars: 3,478 words

Star Wars: 13,311 words


Horatio Nelson: 15,229 words

Optimus Prime: 16,469 words


Ching Shih (the 19th-century pirate queen who commanded one of the largest pirate fleets in human history): 2,115 words

Samus Aran: 4,713 words

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Review: Time’s Arrow

Cover of "Time's Arrow"

Cover of Time’s Arrow

Martin AmisTime’s Arrow is a pretty cool little novella. Or maybe it’s a novel, I don’t know. It’s either a long novella, or a really short novel. You can take your pick. It’s about 170 pages, at any rate, and it’s fictional. So take those two pieces of information and come to your own conclusion. I guess you can make your own mind up as to whether or not it’s pretty cool too, but if we do that, then there’s no reason for me to write this, or for anyone to write any review, but whatever — none of this is important. What is important: It’s a book, by Martin Amis, that goes backwards in time. And it’s not Counter-Clock World by Philip K. Dick, which is the one I typically think of when I hear of a book that moves backwards. There’re probably others, though.


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Thoughts on being a Fursuiter

First of all, I am in fact, a card carrying member of the furry fandom. But when I refer to it, I call it Teh Furreh Fandumb, so that should show you how serious I take this fandom. (If you don’t know what a ‘furry’ is, I suggest looking at Wikipedia for a general idea.)

Secondly, what is a fursuit? To put it succinctly, a ‘fursuit’ is a mascot costume made of a personally developed character. A personal character, usually an anthropomorphic animal character that is typically created by the wearer. Sometimes the wearer makes the costume themselves, or they commission someone else to do so. The amount of people who are making these suits are growing day by day and some of the more adept are actually making it a profession.

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