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The Most Popular Fitness Tips of All Time

English: Blanched almonds. Gaelg: Almonyn gial...
English: Blanched almonds. Gaelg: Almonyn giallit. हिन्दी: भुने बादाम. മലയാളം: പുഴുങ്ങിയ ബദാം പരിപ്പ്. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bikini season is almost upon us, but you gave up on your New Year’s resolution last February. Don’t spend another summer in a one-piece! Try these fitness tips gleaned from a survey of diet devotees. Continue reading

A Brief Thought About Those Weird 1950s Reducing Machines

Vibrating belts
Vibrating belts (Photo credit: A.M. Kuchling)

Every so often, I just try to figure out exactly how they thought those 1950s Reducing Machines, the kind where you stand on it and a belt goes around and shakes your stomach, would actually, uh, work. Well, to be fair, the creators probably knew it was a scam right off, but how would you even pretend it wasn’t stupid?

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Being Fine With Being Fat

U.S. President William Howard Taft in 1908, po...

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or, A Return To Being One Of The Horde Of Headless Overweight People On Bad TV News Reports About The Obesity Epidemic

I’ve been fat for most of my life.  When I was in my early twenties, I decided to see what it was like to be thin — sort of an inverse of what Captain Beefheart did — and lost a lot of weight.  It stayed off for a few years, but gradually came back on, and I’m not at my peak of heaviness or anything, I’m pretty much back to normal.

And, y’know what?  I’m fine with that.

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