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Review: How To Wreck A Nice Beach

When most people think of the vocoder, they think of the robot voice on the Kraftwerk records…. or perhaps the mangling that Cher’s voice goes through on “Believe” or T-Pain’s voice on any T-Pain record.  (That last one’s not actually a vocoder, though; that’s Auto-Tune, which is different.)  But most people don’t know that the vocoder was originally designed as a secure way for heads of state to talk to each other during World War II.  Dave Tompkins’ new book How To Wreck A Nice Beach goes through the history of the vocoder, from its militaristic roots to its more fun applications in music, radio dramas and film.

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Watch Us Work It (Real Version)

This was recorded for the Not Necessarily Beautiful But Mutated: Volume 8 DEVO tribute compilation that was distributed at HARDCORE DEVOTIONAL 2009, a DEVO convention that occurred August 29, 2009. I wish Kittysneezes could have been there in person, but at least we were on the CD! The song was recorded over a rather long amount of time in Studio Kittysneezes, and finally finished in June of 2009. This is completely and utterly different than the “alternate version” posted earlier. Continue reading