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Read This: The Sad, Scary Suicide Of Charles Moore

charles_r_moore_minister-th-701x336Y’all probably know by now that when I’m not running Kittysneezes, I’m an associate editor over at Unicorn Booty (UnicornBooty.com if you’re nasty), too — which probably explains why my articles over there also post here.

But that only includes stories that I write — which means KS fans who don’t have Unicorn Booty in their RSS feed (seriously, add UB to your RSS!) miss out on some really great pieces.

One of those pieces is this one, by UB editor-in-chief (and good friend), Daniel Villareal: Why A 79-Year-Old Progressive Methodist Minister Burned Himself Alive. It’s the heartbreaking story of Rev. Charles Moore, a Methodist minister who had long advocated for progressive causes — fighting racism and homophobia, helping the poor, and generally being an amazing human being.

But when he retired, he fell into a depression as he no longer had an outlet for his advocacy… so he decided to have one final, shocking act of activism.

Daniel worked very hard on this story, and it shows — interviews with people who knew Moore, lots of background on Moore’s life and death, and, well, just really good journalism.

I cannot recommend this story enough — and that goes even if I didn’t work for Unicorn Booty! Seriously, it’s amazing; I did nothing on this story, and yet I’m proud just to be published by the same people who put that out.

So yes: READ IT.


Why A 79-Year-Old Progressive Methodist Minister Burned Himself Alive

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With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus — 4 Honorable Mentions

Anyway — as you’ve probably seen, I got to interview Lauren Lapkus for Unicorn Booty! (And thanks to my editor, Daniel Villarreal, for the idea to ask her in the first place!) I’d originally written the article as a personal Top 5 list — but when Lauren agreed to be interviewed, the focus changed to be HER Top 5, because DUH.  So, anyway — these are from an earlier draft of the article where it was going to be just me.  (And, hey, anything that gets you to check out With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus is a good thing.  Seriously, that podcast is SO Brilliant.)

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New at Unicorn Booty: The Best Japanese Superhero You’ve Never Heard Of

Cutie Honey (film)
Cutie Honey (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cutie Honey’s evil sister Jill has used her goon squad, Panther Claw, to kidnap Cutie Honey’s uncle, a renowned scientist — and Cutie Honey’s got to save him! With her heart-shaped armor, Honey Flash choker and stunning blade, she takes down armies of goons and bad guys and, presto, changes her costumer for the next adventure.

Say “Hajimemashite” to your new favorite Japanese superhero — Cutie Honey.

Cutie Honey has perhaps the greatest opening scene in history. The first thing you see is a kitty. The second thing is a beautiful girl in a bubble bath. The next thing you know, she’s running down a busy street in a makeshift dress composed entirely of torn plastic bags while downing rice cakes and tea. Luckily, the rest of the movie holds up to those high standards.

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New At Unicorn Booty: The TV Octopus That Ate Kids’ Minds

mmd_kure_kure_takora_by_aoba_tl_dl_by_spacepatrolgaia-d8f5ctqKure Kure Takora (or Gimme Gimme Octopus, as it’s known in English) is a 1970s live-action Japanese kids’ series of something like 260 short films, each about three minutes long, give or take. It’s one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen on TV. Kids totally get the best media…

So, the show. It’s… hard to describe. The title character is an octopus who goes around saying “Kure Kure!” at everything (which means “Gimme Gimme!”/”I want it!”), and his best friend/partner in crime (literally…) is a peanut or a Squash (“Chombo”, I think is his name). Both Takora and Chombo are in love with a weird narwhal thing. Law in their weird little sound-stage village is kept (sorta…) by a badger who’s the sherriff – though, strangely for a kids’ show, Takora and Chombo are usually on the wrong side of the law, stealing from guys who look like they might be Sea Cucumbers?

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New At Unicorn Booty: Interview with April Anderson, creator of the short “Trannybot 5000”

Meet-The-Creator-Of-A-Short-Film-Calling-Out-Transparent-702x336Whether you need a trans character to teach someone about masculinity or just to make your audience feel weird about genitalia, Trannybot 5000 is the answer to all of your casting needs!

No, that’s not just a needlessly offensive advertising tagline, it’s the satirical salespitch for Trannybot 5000, a low-fi film short recently released by trans filmmaker April Anderson. With a $10 budget and some help from the Trans Oral History Project, Anderson made the NSFW and potentially offensive video as a response to how trans women are portrayed in popular culture by cisgender actors and creators (that is, by people whose gender and sex-at-birth are the same).

“In an ideal world, real-life trans women would always play roles based upon them,” says the announcer inTrannybot 5000. “However, in our world, trans women are weird, and often have ideas that complicate a shoot.”

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New At Unicorn Booty: 5 Must See Episodes of Steven Universe

StevenUniverse00101-1-702x336Steven Universe is Cartoon Network’s first female-created show, created by notable woman Rebecca Sugar.  Sugar is also known for writing a lot of the best songs in Adventure Time(“Daddy, Why Did You Eat My Fries”, “I’m Just Your Problem/My Best Friends In The World”, “Remember You” and the classic “Bacon Pancakes”). She also wrote a lot of the best episodes of Adventure Time too (pretty much any episode those songs come from).

Steven Universe is also really hip when it comes to all sorts of social issues.  Behind the scenes, three of the show’s four leads are voiced by women of color (one of whom is Estelle.  You know, Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter, rapper, actress, producer Estelle).  The crew is super diverse too, and most of them have art blogs on Tumblr.  You can Google any name you see on the show, but a few to get you started: Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey, Raven Molisee, Ben Levin, Lamar Abrams.

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