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Drabbles: Crossroads/Dog Days/Dust/Hike

English: In the ghost town of , USA
English: In the ghost town of , USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The crossroads. This spot in the park had always felt somehow holy to her. She had never been exactly sure why, but it was the kind of spot she could imagine fairies gathering, leading their enchanted changeling away from the mourning Titania. She left coins or little bits of food here sometimes, nestled amongst the plants gathered in the shade of the thin elm trees, knowing they would be useful to some chipmunk or squirrel. She had no doubt that their spirits were just as playful and powerful as fairies or anything else. Maybe it would bring her good luck. Continue reading

The Fingertips Project: All Alone

English: A420 leaving Giddeahall heading east ...
English: A420 leaving Giddeahall heading east Very little between here and Chippenham. A blackthorn, sloe or prunus spinosa is in flower to the left. The fruit has a bitter taste but makes very good wine which needs time to mature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suppose I should have figured this is what it’d be like. There’s even a Twilight Zone about it with the guy who’s the last guy on earth and he wants to read but then his glasses break. Luckily, I don’t have glasses, but the payoff is emotionally the same. I don’t even really know why, since I typically don’t — or, rather, didn’t — like people nor have any close friends or even acquaintances. Continue reading