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Review: Nanobots

Nanobots coverI am willing to make this declaration about Nanobots, They Might Be Giants’ newly-released 16th album: It is the one of the absolute best things they have done in the last 18 years. As someone who builds my life around this band, even I admit that a fair amount of their output in recent years has been underwhelming. But Nanobots can take its place alongside some of their best work. Continue reading

Review: They Might Be Giants – Join Us

Join_UsI want to like this album more. This album makes me want to like it more. Join Us is an excitable album. It jumps up, bounces around the room, and says, “Hey! Look what I can do! I’m everything you could possibly want from a They Might Be Giants album!” It’s unmistakably They Might Be Giants, though with a bit more of an electronic edge, and a heavier sound. Join Us continues in the harder direction pioneered by The Else with heavy percussion and techno-influenced beats, all skewed through the trademark TMBG sensibility. The best tracks could just have easily fit on The Else as they could on Join Us, and maybe that’s why they stand out so much. The Else is one of my favorite TMBG albums, and if Join Us is anything, it’s the direct heir to the previous album and sound. Why then, does listening to it feel like such a slog?

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Review: The Spine (and related EPs)

Cover of

Cover of The Spine

2004 was an active year for They Might Be Giants; in April, they released the Indestructible Object EP as a teaser for their new full-length album The Spine, which came out 3 months later, along with a companion EP, The Spine Surfs Alone. (This isn’t even including the stuff they’ve been doing with Homestar Runner like the video for “Experimental Film”.)
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The Top 10 Songs Ever Recorded

Zappa testifies before the US Senate, 1985

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These are the top ten songs — in no particular order save for number one — ever recorded by anyone. If a song is not on the list, it undoubtedly was a good try, however, I feel your pain. None of the songs I wrote were ever even in the running. But those are the breaks, and here they are. The Top Ten Songs Ever.

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