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Video Premiere: “Theatre of Magic”

I have made a video, called THEATRE OF MAGIC, using 26 minutes of the 40 minute long original cast recording of The Tim Heidecker Masterpiece’s rock opera of the same name. If you’re wondering why you should bother watching an action figure stop motion rock opera, then you should probably just do something else and not bother. But if a rock opera with action figures and/or the music and awesome of Tim Heidecker gets you even the slightest bit juiced, please do yourself a favor and watch this thing I’ve created.

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HEALTH – Die Slow

20090202 - Tim And Eric show - Carolyn, Clint ...
Photo credit: Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric) just twittered about this video. The entirety of the post? “Jesus this is good”. He’s right. It is. It’s the new video for HEALTH, and was directed/edited by the band. Definitely check it out — though, if you’re at risk of photo-epileptic seizures I’d recommend passing. (Also, if there’re kids around, you might wait for ’em to go to bed. It’s a bit creepy/upsetting.)
I don’t know much about HEALTH — and the song wasn’t ENTIRELY my cup of tea — but, dang, if their other videos are like this…

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Interview: Black Daisy

Troy Nelson and Cody Hurd are better known as Black Daisy, a Seattle comedy group with a flair for the absurd. (They are also sometimes known as Voltage Periscope, a parody nü-metal band.) They’ve been gaining fame, both locally (having done some music videos and won local filmmaking contests) and nationally (their shorts have been in the most recent Tromadance festival and will appear on an upcoming DVD). They’ve also worked with lots of cool bands, including The Lights, The Cops, Dolour and No-Fi Soul Rebellion. Their work reminds me somewhat of Tim & Eric, though no imitators are they! (In fact, neither Troy nor Cory were familiar with Tim & Eric’s work when I asked!)

I met Troy when I was buying Eraserhead from him at the record store where he works, and it turns out we were both huge fans of Dumbland; he gave me a copy of the new DVD, The Hardy Har Har Collection. I really enjoyed it, and next time I went to the store, I asked him if I could interview the two of them. He agreed, so here it is!

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