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Interview: Rafael Medina

Rafael Medina is a pretty talented fellow. He plays lead guitar in The Anderson Council, but he’s probably best known as the writer/artist of Suicide For Hire, a comic about a couple high school kids who start their own extra-curricular business — helping their classmates (and others) commit suicide. The tone of the strip’s changed a bit — the initial clients had pretty trivial reasons to off themselves, though more recent clients get into trickier moral territory. No worries, though — the strip hasn’t turned all last-seasons-of-M*A*S*H or anything; it’s still pretty hilarious (assuming you’ve got a dark sense of humor). If you couldn’t tell from the topic, the strip’s not for everybody — but if you can laugh at morbidity and cartoon violence, you might dig it. I got to talk to Rafael about his strip, his band, and why despite what folks might think, he’s not a furry. Continue reading