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Review: The SMiLE Sessions

The original cover of Smile.

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In the list of things I never thought we’d see, it was a complete SMiLE, the legendary lost Beach Boys record.  In 2004 that came; Brian Wilson had re-recorded it, working with co-writer Van Dyke Parks on finishing the album.  That proved to the world that SMiLE was indeed a masterpiece, but it just reworded the list slightly:  A complete SMiLE by the original Beach Boys, circa 1966.  The new version was great — but a little too clean.  It sounded less like the original Beach Boys and the world’s slickest and most talented Beach Boys cover band.  At the time, I thought to myself that if we can’t have the original tapes, it would have been better to have a band of Wilson devotees like the Apples in stereo do the record — the same music (“Heroes and Villains” was the first song the Apples even learned how to play as a band), but with a less-reverent attempt to recreate the original sound.

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